Mercedes-Benz mbrace™

We live in a world where technology advances at an astounding rate-and that includes the automotive world. Prestige Motors in Paramus, New Jersey, closely follows the industry's progress as a member of one of the most advanced and progressive companies in the world, Mercedes-Benz. Prestige realizes that each customer may evaluate innovation and advancement through a different lens. Maybe you believe that the latest and greatest in fuel efficiency determines greatest advancement, or the comfort and superior materials that are developed for the interior are most important; or perhaps the smoothest, sweetest lines that adorn the exterior are what you're looking for in your next car.

Maybe you believe that technology is always the next step in modernization and progress, which is where the Mercedes mbrace2™ system comes into play. The latest in navigation, remote car control, Internet-based connectivity, and driving technology are all bundled up in mbrace2™ and can be installed in your favorite Mercedes model. Contact our dealership to learn more about this groundbreaking system and how it can help make your Mercedes experience even more amazing.

Mercedes-Benz mbrace2™ provides the latest in in-car telematics, infotainment, personal assistance, and happiness. The system offers Mercedes-Benz specific apps for many popular online tools, such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google, which are designed specifically for use with your system through Mercedes "cloud" capabilities. mbrace2™ also allows drivers to monitor their vehicle's many operating systems, alerting you to any diagnostic issues with your car and allowing you to keep a close eye on its performance. Don't forget about the personal concierge service that lets you speak to an actual person if you feel the need to reserve movie tickets, make final travel decisions, or just request directions to a nearby restaurant. With this system, you will never feel alone in your car again.

Prestige Motors prides itself on offering every customer an outstanding service experience, and Mercedes mbrace2™ technology complements our dealership to a T. For one of the most innovative and advanced vehicle systems in the world, look no further than mbrace2™ from Mercedes-Benz. Contact us at (844) 775-4261 to find out more about what the system can offer you, and let us help you get Mercedes-Benz mbrace2™ in your vehicle, assisting you on down the road.